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Please contact local law enforcement to confirm reciept. You are not required to retain this contractor for mapping, removal, or abatement verification. Step 1 Click here to access the deployment map in the community enumerated on the postcard you recieved.

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Real Estate Professionals
Service AVAILABLE February 2018!
Learn more about SpiderHunter Hazzard Surveys!

A real estate professional can not sell or transfer ethically any real property with a known hazard harming the occupant or series of occupants deployed under, on, or near the property without advising a client!

Get your property survey for as little as $299 and a map to the nearby property deploying a hazard!
  • Want to know if the school you intend to send your children to is targeted by trencher weapons? Inquire during property survey for the FREE adjacent property weapons maps!

  • Want the maps for the ballot locations in your town or city where you plan to buy a house with un-influenced vote? Inquire during property survey!

  • Want to know if the area where you intend to buy or sell is regularly targeted by crop dusters before buying a home? Inquire for the research and chemical weapons analysis for those flights!

  • Tens of thousands of victims describe the experience as torture, death from above, and more! Check out the TI forums for more information on electronic gangstatlking and murder and acquire our service to locate and map the infrastructure back to a deployment site! Stopeg.de
Spiderhunting is dangerous! You risk being intercepted by police officers, crop dusted by chemical weapons, targeted with weaponized media, or harmed by other men! Let trained professionals do the job! I want examples of work! What service will I get for $299? Visit SpiderHunter.org!

Products and Services
  • Purchase Product and/or Servive
  • Become a Monthly Subscriber for U2D Data, Support, and more maps you can collect! Monthly Subscribers get all of this information and more, including discounts on repeat services, white papers, the forensics of locating these deployments and use scenarios, and other service offerings.
  • Help Write! Idenitfication of Weapons by Foreisnics Analysis and Classification by deployment area and use scenarios.
  • Help Write! Locating Elecrical and Non Exploisive Surface and Sub Terrainian Deployments, Bunkers, and Tunnel Support Networks.

Systems and Abatement Crew;
Priced by the Job or Hour.

  • Spider Operations: Procedure
    • Search (A property spot check or premise perimeter check is activity affiliated with the open source hand tool proper use for survey and map making purposes; The trade owns the tool and is available for professional tradesman and inexperienced users without immediate funding to retain an inspector for a second opinion from another person with an extended tool box, the proper use is taught and the hand tool crafting instructions is made available FREE under Products section of this website.
    • Mapping and Location (Our service for Customers and their Representation or requirement by law,)
    • Site Breech and Disarm (example; criminal organization is found to have deployed 168 (or x) homes in 69 communities, law enforcement, soldiers only)

  • Spider Operations: Video Collection HIDDEN

  • What sort of information is provided on the DVD I recieve for service?
    • Example of data set "Volusia County, FL" at FTP.MARLEYLABS.NET
    • You will recieve footage of all crop duster sorties on file.
    • You will recieve maps of any weapons deployed, including target rooms, builings, and origin site for that weapon deployed.
    • You will recieve chemical weapons testing by product purchased
      • Crop Dusters
      • HVAC Ductwork
      • Top Soil
      • Water Well

  • Spider Operations: Literature
    • Weapons Location Manual
    • Guide: Induction Weapons, EM and Static Weapons; Idenitfying and Disarming
    • MTV, Mafia Television; You, Sideband, and Media Interference Phreaking
    • Guide to filming and reporting crop duster activity
    • Guide to Weapons Testing Crop Duster Flights
    • Dr Octopus: Medical Ethics Violations and Radio Lines
    • Your Community: Combating Ignorance as an Excuse

  • Spider Operations: Deployment Organizations.
    • Guide for Understanding the Lateral and Vertical Construction of Deployment organizations.
    • Guide to Getting in.

  • Real Estate Mailers: US Postal Service
  • Visit our Store!
    • Do it yourself! Purchase Hand Made tools and sensor products for Spiderhunter!
    • Let us do it! Purchase servies for hazard and weapons survey mapping!
    • Safety before you dig! Ground pentrating radar and sub surface geophysical location services, by the hour, Locate weapons and unmarked graves quickly!
    • Explore! other laboratory specific product offerings
    • Service and prducts are easy to buy! All data is provided on DVD made for each customer!
    • Visit Online! store.marleylabs.net! In development!

  • SpiderHunter Go!
    • Do it yourself! SPIDERHUNTR GO! Mobile survey application (in development)

  • What do we need besides weapons searches? Request fr lfights can be in any area where this effrot.
    • Volunteer! We are currently seeking persons with private aircraft to intercept crop dusters, where police officers and domestic defense can not immediatly resolve, and on a coordinated per flight call basis. Flights will be reimbursed in full, and intercepts called in from the field as sighted from any of 14 southern states.

  • Scientific particpation is requested on the following work done by Quantum Bell to understand recent events in cosmological hstory

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